Unplugged at the Quad

A great opportunity to play some solo tunes on the old ivories and the strummer, and support a quality act in the shape of White & Collins.

Thought I’d start with “She Moved Thru the Fair”, one kind punter told me she hadn’t heard it since she was a child and loved it. They’ve asked me back in June so can’t be bad. I know that Adam and Neil had worked on a new set this month, so I’m going to have to do the same for next time! Will also be supporting Love Locked Out and looking forward to hearing them live.

2 thoughts on “Unplugged at the Quad

  1. neilmartinwhite

    Unfortunately Love Locked Out can’t make the 24th June but will definitely be performing with us in the near future. We how however managed to get a fantastic duo in the form of Helen Simms and Dominic Davison, very exciting.

    Thanks Eleanor for your performance at the last QUADUnplugged. Both Adam and I were ‘blown away’ by your performance and are thrilled that you are able to return for the June one. Really looking forward to it (even if we’re under pressure to try and match you awesome delivery!)

    See you then,

    Neil (one half of White & Collins)

    Twitter @neilmartinwhite @whiteandcollins

    1. Eleana Lee Post author

      That’s a shame that Love Locked Out can’t make it. Thanks for your comments Neil, much appreciated! You guys were awesome, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of your innovative covers. Hopefully some more of your own stuff too, as I really enjoyed what I heard last time.


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