Quad Unplugged 7

Yes indeedy!!  21st October! I’m getting excited about this one as I haven’t played at the Quad for, oh at least a few months now. So am studiously practising some different tunes, and trying out different covers. I still haven’t got round to playing Sunny Road by Emiliana Torrini, so this may well have an airing. I’m also considering a nice laidback version of a Faith No More song, although that will depend how the crowd react. Always a treat to play at this venue, and hear a variety of local talent. Hoorah! Check out the White and Collins blog to hear musings from Monsieurs Blanc and, erm Collins.

2 thoughts on “Quad Unplugged 7

  1. Ad

    That’s looks like a tasty lick on the inflatatar! 🙂 made myself laugh with my new word!
    I am recuperating at a serious pace and hope to be with you (albeit in the audience for this one), as I love your gigs. 🙂
    Hope you have a top night.


    1. Eleanor Lee Post author

      Oh dear Ad, it seems as though recuperation is having an adverse effect on your brain. But seriously though, hope you are able to be there as I’m sure it will be a top night! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂



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