Artwork from May

Waiting for Spring to spring…

An update on the past few months…

Artwork from MayThis has involved a couple of gigs, Saldergate Sessions were particularly fun and I was introduced to the wonders of having not one but two TVs in the dressing room. I’ve not even had a dressing room before so that was exciting! Ahem..

I’ve stumbled upon the informative and stylish Hatch’d magazine, a website for creatives in Derbyshire, and attended a networking evening at the Quad. It was definitely good to meet and chat to other creative types, although my discourse around illustration or puppetry is severely lacking! I’ve also been to a couple of conferences around the topic of “Children in Challenging Circumstances”. This covers a whole host of issues including poverty, mental health or learning difficulties, family issues and crime. I think music has an important role to play in children’s lives, and can be a positive influence when they may be surrounded by challenging circumstances. It definitely made me think of expanding the work I do with young people in the future.

What else then? I stepped in for Kaleidoscope Community Choir at the beginning of March, just a one off but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having had my teaching placement with them last year it was great to see a few familiar faces, and also have a great laugh together and sing some wonderful songs. I think my favourite was Tourdion, a rousing French drinking song in four parts by Pierre Attaingnant.

I’m also excited to be involved with a project run by Sinfonia VIVA and the Mills & Chimneys musicians based in Derbyshire. More on this later, but I will be helping with some song-writing workshops with secondary school children leading to a performance at the Assembly Rooms in Derby in June.

Of course, there’s been the usual individual tuition ticking along steadily, and I’ve had a few new students. I’m really pleased that a few more students are keen to take exams, because I think they will really appreciate having something to show for all their hard work and efforts. I’m also still trying to encourage them to prepare for performance, thinking ahead to the summer concert! But I’ve also recently started an open mic on Monday lunchtimes at Murray Park, which is slowly gaining performers wanting to showcase their talents. Brilliant!

So, hence why I’ve not updated this blog since January! Happy new year indeed… 🙂

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