Sung Sounds Jazz at the Voicebox Derby

Hmm, I really should have taken a photo INSIDE the venue, as it really is a fantastic space, but if you don’t know the Voicebox in Derby this is what it looks like! There were some really excellent musicians playing  on Sunday night, as well as some brilliant singers. The Voicebox website lists the evening as “vocal jazz with accompaniment from the house band, featuring pianist Greg Maskalick, drummer Tom Bland and saxophonist Jezz Smith”. Jezz wasn’t there this time, but Greg and Tom were joined by clarinet player Heather, who was a joy to watch as well as listen to. The clarinet  just seemed to be an extension of her, and she moved about with great energy, effortlessly improvising through one jazz classic to the next. Ok, so I’m not a gig reviewer, but I enjoyed it and I got to play a few of my own compositions which seemed to be well received! The acoustics in that place are just lovely, although I had a mic, you really don’t have to try hard as the room just makes your voice sound about as sweet as it possibly could. Other singers included Dan Miller, who teaches there, as well as a couple of his students and friends; as well as my singing teacher Ann Miller, always a bit nerve-wracking knowing your teacher is listening, but with my own songs I at least feel on solid ground! So the atmosphere was informal, relaxed and with a high standard of musicianship, as well as a high standard of snacks .. pringles, strawberries & cream, chocolate flapjacks and fruit punch. Just a shame that I tend not to eat very much before I sing!

Another highlight was “Stormy Weather” played by flautist Chris (I seem to be bad at remembering surnames here), a young flute player with obvious talent. All in all a very enjoyable evening, and I’m looking forward to attending the next one, perhaps not singing so I can focus on the snacks a bit more. It’s on Sun 2 Dec, so I’m thinking mulled wine, shortbread, mince pies….

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