The Thrill Of Waiting Up For The End Of The World

Thanks to Samantha Gallagher Photography for these pics.

The Thrill of Waiting Up For The End Of The World was an event organised by Kirsty Fox to launch the self-publication of her book, Dogtooth Chronicles. Read her article in LeftLion (follow the link) for her take on the book itself. As the creator of “Bees Make Honey“, a creative cooperative designed to help all sorts of creative types flourish & have a voice, Kirsty wanted the event to have a buzz (no pun intended) and feature work from across the artforms. Which is where I came in! The evening also featured the music of The Distillery Blues Band and Grey Hairs. I think it’s fair to say we all gave the audience something completely different! I enjoyed the whole evening, but I must say a highlight was listening to the Distillery Blues Band effortlessly work their way throughsome classic & new blues tunes. Not that I’m any kind of expert! But I’m a sucker for a low mean growly blues voice. Kirsty seemed suitably chuffed with the whole evening, and I have a signed copy of Dogtooth Chronicals to read. For my part, I enjoyed playing a new instrumental song, new to the public’s ears anyway. It’s one of the tunes I’ve recorded with Rob Bullock, so I’m hoping to get that uploaded to SoundCloud soon. The demo tracks are still at the mixing stage, so when we both get a couple of days free…..

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