Bite-sized teaching + RockSchool workshops

Seaugull SignAfter a very enjoyable & busy Easter break (travelling to Looe in Cornwall was one of the many highlights) I’m ready for work tomorrow! I’m looking forward to getting involved with some new projects that are happening this term: band & songwriting with Fleet Arts, performances with the Rock & Pop choir, Furthest From the Sea festival and collaborating on some new pop hits with some friends in Nottingham!

Rock & Pop Choir

I’m busy putting the final touches to an arrangement of With or Without You which we started on a few weeks ago. It’s making my head spin, so I’m not sure what the choir will make of it! I’ll have to be very clear communication wise I think, one new idea at a time. That’s the trouble when you’re excited about something & have been working on it for a while, you just want to say “here it is, let’s get on with it!” whereas actually people need time to digest new ideas. This is something I’m still working on as a teacher! Here’s the choir performing at Sadlergates Open Mic, we’ve been asked to go back which is great. Not sure when as we’re already doing a couple of performances in the not too distant future…

Fleet Arts

I’m also looking forward to another band/ song-writing project with Fleet Arts. I was an assistant leader on the *AVIT Rock School workshops last term at Eckington School. The level of skill in song-writing was very high, and we had a performance at Heritage High School which was great fun! Here’s one of the bands I worked with performing on the night: Summer of 98: Butterflies.

*Avit Rock School is a Fleet Arts – Turn it Up project funded by Youth Music with contributions from; Derbyshire City and County Music Partnership, schools and participants.

I think that’s about all for today, still got a few bits of planning to do before tomorrow. Ciao me ducks.


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