Summer Giggidyness

FFSea Programme 29.06.13_front

It’s been a good start to the summery gigness. It started with the Furthest From the Sea festival on Sat 29th Jun. Playing in the Market Place on a Saturday is definitely a new experience for me and one which I really enjoyed. I hardly had time to think between sets, as was on with the Rock & Pop Choir straight after that. You can read a review of the festival by Geraldine Curtis here.

Still not sure how well my songs translate to a wider space, think they may be more suited to a more intimate style of performance.

My current favourite is “Full of the Blue” which I’ve yet to record properly. I think because it’s a simple theme, “so many things to do, so why am I wasting time” – about those days when there seems to be so much blue sky & all you want to do is drive to the coast, or countryside and forget work & everything that DEMANDS attention and just relax & enjoy the warmth.

My next gig is with the talented Jamie Beau, I will be playing a few songs for his EP launch on the 19th July. You can watch & listen to his video The Mill here.

I will then be playing OSFEST, at the Ostrich Inn, Longford in Derbyshire on the 28th July. Woop!

OSFEST FINAL -1Followed by the Bookcafe Acoustic Nights on the 3rd August, at the Bookcafe in Derby. Always a pleasure, it’s really good as a musician to know of a venue that’s holds regular music nights & you’re always assured of a crowd. I play a mixture of covers & originals, and I find that learning covers impacts well on my own song-writing as you discover new ways of playing and really have to get a grasp of the song & how it was written to be able to perform it well.

So, just a smattering of gigs for now, hope to see some of you folks there.

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